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For Your Baby Goths

Perth's Alternative Parents Group
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All Members , Moderated
This community is for anyone who considers themselves alternative in any way, including religion, dress (eg:goth), down to just little things that aren't the norm like using cloth nappies, or having new ideas on how to bring up your children.

Everything is accepted if it is friendly. I will delete it if it's not. This should be a safe place for anyone to join and feel comfortable, to write whatever you feel like and link to useful communities and webpages, and to invite others in the community to events. We have only had one picnic but I'd like to keep up the little gatherings, and I'm welcoming everyone's invites up here.

It can be hard to be alternative and be a parent aswell, a lot of the time it doesn't mix well; and support from those in your situation is vital. Now join and let's all get together with our kids (and without!)