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Introductory Post (I must be feeling chatty!)

Hi. Er. My name is Calli, or Sarah. I have 10 month old Vinnie, happily married and living in the burbs. No white picket fence, but a humungous wattle tree keeps the burbs at bay. :-)

We have three cats and what is laughably called a garden. I love to cook, and boy does this intro sound boring as!

I think there are some things wrong with the world, and start to fix this, and also to help cope with the SAHM insanity, I am running a women's weekend away. My plan is to get a bunch of women together, and see what happens. This is also a children-welcome space, because I think our society excludes children and mothers too much. I'm also planning to do the cooking for all attendees, and the thought fills me with dread and excitement, all at the same time! LOL! I love to cook in bulk, and the biggest challenge to remain light on spicing for children, I think!

I also sell lingerie in a party plan style. I really, really like the business and I like doing the parties, and I started to get decent at it before I got pregnant last time and took a year or two off (which is still going, I might add.) I like the hours and I like the fact that my income is directly tied into the work I put into it and myself. I'd also like to point out that my husband has a decent job and I don't *have* to work. Yet. (Grandparents keep recommending private schools. Since three out of four grandparents are in the public school system, we might have to listen!)

I know at least one of you offline, though we haven't been in the same circles for a while. I don't know many parents out there like me, and I found play groups to be intensely frustrating and necessary all at once. It was so ... needed... to have someone who knows what it is like to be unable to even make yourself a coffee because you have a sprog attached... and yet the conversations drove me batty. Playgroups, parents groups, all of that, my husband and I tend to stand out because we ask questions, think about things, research and play with ideas...

I'll admit, I was never a POG. I can, however, claim to have been the one to start the registration of POGS, to allow for Dominion to be run properly and hold bank accounts. It's going back a way, and really, I never felt the loss. I like being warm and out of the wind (and not on post office steps!)


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Hello, hello and welcome! I'm a newbie myself.
That womens' weekend away sounds like a bloody fantastic idea.
I think it's absolutely going to rock. It should be very interesting - this is my first child, so I don't have much in the way of clues as to child wrangling, and there might be a small bonfire if we can wrangle that...


I'm so excited! Here's the link to the community if you would like to check it out!!
That thing in your icon was one of my favourite books as a kid, if it is what I think it is xD

I'm checking out the community now!