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Sunday, July 13th, 2008
9:02 am
Wastelands II, Age of Iron

Steampunk * Victoriana * Futurism

We're proud to announce WASTELANDS II, AGE OF IRON will be October 18,
and 19th 2008 at the Good Earth Hotel in Perth, WA.

Wastelands II, Age of Iron is a two day convention focusing on the
futures of yesterday, and the glories of tomorrows that never were.
There will be two streams over two days. including workshops, panels,
and presentations. Discounts for people dressed in theme.

Elements covered will include Multimedia, Writing, Graphic Design,
Art, Costuming and other areas. Events included will also cover other
areas of interest not strictly tied to the "core" theme.

Our Guests of Honour is Nick Stathopoulous, multiple award winning,
Hugo-nominated, and Archibald Award Finalist Artist and all round
great guy. He is incredibly talented and one of the most sought after
artists for book covers in Australia.

Our Local Guest of Honour is Alisa Krasnostein. Alisa is the CEO of
Twelfth Planet Press and very active in the small press industry in
Australia. She is also responsible for the creation and maintenance of
Australian Specfic In Focus (ASiF!). Alisa's projects are too numerous
to mention, including a goal to read over 5,000 short stories this
year as well as run her own publishing company.

Fan Guest of Honour is Tommo Eitelhuber. Tommo has been very active in
the fan community, and been endlessly helpful to a number of Swancon
committees. He's also extremely passionate about music and his new

Current draft program is up and it's just awesome! Please check it
out, and if you would like to present a panel, show off something
interesting, volunteer to be on one of the suggestions, or even just
help out during the con, please let us know! We're getting excited
around here, and we hope to see you there!

Please feel free to cross post, email, talk, or broadcast info on this convention as far and wide as you like!

Current Mood: accomplished
Monday, April 21st, 2008
10:00 pm

Sunday, October 21st, 2007
3:36 pm
Well, time to sell some stuffs again, as moving is on the way.

To the lass who was bidding on my dress earlier: sorry! there was a problem with the listing and ebay wouldn't let me go back to change it. I'm really really sorry, but it's all fixed now!

There are also some DVDs up there (blu-ray), so if you're happy and you know it - buy some stuff!

Do a search for my ebay user name: lucretia_nile !
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007
4:33 pm
I know this seems to be a recurring theme, but I am in need of a babysitter for during the day of Saturday. It would be cash-in-hand work, looking after a four year old, who is most at home playing by herself or watching tv. There wouldn't be any housework involved (short of perhaps picking up a few plates after lunch), and lunch would be prepared for her before hand (unless you really want to creative in the kitchen). It would suit someone in the general area of Blaga, Girrawheen or Warwick (the Ghetto, as some like to call it), who is undertaking childcare studies or has experience in babysitting. The hours would be between eight in the morning until five thirty in the afternoon. Rates are negotiable, and references are necessary.

Know anyone who might be?
Sunday, February 4th, 2007
8:30 pm
Babby sitter required.
Anyone living near the Balga/Girrawheen area, is free Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons and is looking for a few extra bucks?

I need someone who can pick up my daughter from her school and look after her for a few hours on those evenings until either myself or my partner can pick her up. Fee is negotiable, depending on experience and travel costs.

Please comment if you are interested.

X-posted. Sorry. :)
Friday, August 11th, 2006
10:17 am
Pregnancy Babies & Children's Expo

It's on again - the original and the best Expo for all your parenting needs - and remember we are always at the Claremont Showgrounds!

WHERE: Claremont Showground, Claremont
WHEN: Friday 18th to Sunday 20th August
TIME: 10am to 4pm Friday (last admission 3pm)
Saturday & Sunday 10am to 5pm (last admission 4pm)
PRICE: Adults $10, Pensioners/Seniors $8, Children under 14 FREE

For 14 years, our Expo has been a trusted and valued resource for Australian's through their pregnancy and early child raising years. In 2006, we are pleased to announce that this years Perth Expo will feature its best ever variety of exhibitors. Our Expo has also expanded to provide wider aisles, more space for prams and a larger parenting room, all designed to make sure your visit is a comfortable experience.

Come along to the Expo, to see over 120 exhibitors showcasing everything from maternity bras and environmentally-friendly cloth nappies to prams and joggers. From help on being a father, and healthy baby food to trolley seats, baby crawling knee pads and nursery furniture. From baby sign language and childrens books to government departments including Centrelink and Australian Taxation Office (30% Child Care Rebate) to support groups including Neighbourhood Childbirth Education, Australian Breastfeeding Association, and SIDS and KIDS plus many more.

For your FREE TICKET to come along, visit www.pbcexpo.com.au - click on the Perth link on the left-hand side - click "Print Your Free Ticket" on the right-hand side (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader for this www.adobe.com).

Please forward this email on to all your friends, family, mothers groups, playgroups or any other groups you belong to that may wish to come along.

We look forward to seeing you next weekend (18 to 20 August) for our Biggest Ever Perth Pregnancy Babies & Childrens Expo! And remember - we are always at the Claremont Showgrounds!
Tuesday, July 18th, 2006
9:00 pm
I've got free passes to the Baby's and Children's Expo in August. You should be able to find them in your local antenatal/obs/whatever reception but my mum owns her own Women's Health surgery in Leeming and we've just been sent like gazillions of them so if anybody wants some mailed to them let me know. Normal entry is $10.
Wednesday, June 28th, 2006
9:08 pm
Thanks for the replies re: vaccination btw Hannah, Chris, Justine and Jo. I didn't expect any replies at all so that was amazing.

I got a new thing in the mail today - an invitation to use my baby as a test subject for a new vaccine trial. Given, these vaccinations are already routinely given to the general population and with minimal side effects (obviously some children react to these shots but rarely do you hear about it; the fact is that it can cause devastating effects in otherwise healthy children and you can never know if your child will react badly to it until it's too late - the big reason why I won't risk it); and of course with minimal protection from the diseases aswell but lets not go there.

What they want is to add a new combined version of Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type b) and menC (meningococcal c) to the already overdone MMR (measels, mumps and rubella) vaccination. So if the test subjects go well over the 5 years, they'll give your future 12 month old babies 2 injections with 5 vaccines instead of the 5 vaccines in 3 injections.

The biggest injection to cause adverse side effects is MMR, and Meryl at AVN has already looked into the theory that this is because it is far too much for the body of a baby to handle. It's not meant to be like that. Naturally we do not build immunity to 3 diseases at once. That's why you get kids having 'common' fevers as a result of vaccination; and sometimes these lead to febrile convulsions. How many parents were warned with enough notice to think it over, that their child may well have a very high fever and may even have febrile convulsions? How horrible is that?

It's things like MMR vaccine that could very well be causing an increase in excema, adhd and add and asthma; which you all must admit are VERY common now. Because we're NOT meant to do these kinds of things to our bodies. Even as adults...think of all the amazing things a baby's body's trying to do. They're growing, learning, and getting teeth and gaining skills in MASSIVE ways EVERY SINGLE DAY and ALL DAY. That's why vaccines like MMR fuck with their bodies too much. They can't handle it.

Can I just put my neck on the chopping board here, as I repetitively do, and possibly risk losing some of your respect/friendship - because I just can't let something like this slide...because I know as a parent that I would be really upset if nobody told me and gave me an oppertunity to look into it further or make up my own mind about it; well.......can I just say I hope none of you with 12 month olds and who have this ridiculous pamphlet and accompanying letter actually take them up and volunteer your child.

I've heard of parents being told they may be sued by their children for not vaccinating them; perhaps people should consider the lack of knowledge and the obvious human testing they are doing on our prescious children; the information against this may be in small places and unfounded by the general population now but what if in 10 or 20 years they know better? What if they find out we've done a really bad thing with this generation of children? Has anyone considered the fact that their children may well sue them for BEING VACCINATED and having come down with asthma, excema, add or adhd; or worse - like many children who have had strokes immediately following vaccination, or been otherwise healthy and suddenly exhibited signs of autism - a life-long and sometimes not so mild condition; or serious brain damage or death. Obviously the children can't grow up to sue you if they die; but who wants to risk their child dying for something that doesn't even offer full protection anyway? WHO KNOWS SOMEONE - JUST ONE PERSON - WHO HAS CAUGHT A DISEASE THEY WERE VACCINATED AGAINST? That's right, most of us do. These things I'm typing are real. have a look at
www.avn.org.au if you want to get more information.

All I want is for parents to think it over before they go around volunteering their child's body for research. It's not as risk free and simple as it's made out to be. Perhaps think about YOUR child. Not the greater good, which sounds silly; but if you look into your healthy child's eyes and treasure the way they look back at you, you really should think seriously about something like this. It's one thing to vaccinate your child with something they HAVE tested (over 5 years anyway) but come on. Really.

I hope nobody takes part in this study.

x-posted to altparents and my journal
Friday, June 23rd, 2006
8:28 pm
ok ummm stuff about me hmmmmm

Well im Hannah, i have a 5 year old boy named Clayton James who can be very trying at times but when i go into his room in the morning and the first thing he does when he sees me is sleepily say mummy and smile at me it just makes my heart melt and i forget about all the times he has made me confused as hell.

Well im not entrirely sure what im supposed to say other than that, thats who i am a mum. i am also a sub, a goth, a red dwarf fan, a reader of sci fi and fantasy, a sower and embroiderer, a sleeper iner on saturday (if my son does that is), a accounts payable clerk and about a million other things that i cant remember or just cant be bothered righting them all. And hey if i listed them all all the magic of getting to know me would be gone cause you would already know everything.

So if there is anything in particular that you think i should say about myself or that you just want to know just ask the question im pretty upfront and honest so i will more often than not just answer the question.

Have fun, be good or good at it!

PS. sorry if you read this already in the comment to lick_my_girl's last post but im still new to lj and i didnt reolise that there was a better place to put this
Thursday, June 22nd, 2006
2:13 pm
everyone, please welcome Bitzy to the group aswell.

whenever you two (hannahablaze and bitzy) are ready, we'd love to find out who you are (though I know who you are Hannah); please chuck up an introductory post please please please! 

anyway welcome!
2:09 pm
welcome miss Hannahablaze to the group everyone !

now we really do have to get together again; there's 3 new people who haven't met everyone yet; plus several of you haven't met ANYONE yet! any suggestions on what to do? I'm thinking Sunday early afternoon (prob not this Sunday) to suit everyone's schedules.
Wednesday, June 14th, 2006
1:18 pm

How do you feel about a little walk with the kids Sunday afternoon?
I have a fantastic river (out of reach from the path - kids don't ever get a chance to fall in) next to my house;
I thought we might all go for a little wander and maybe stop at the park and play
Or have something to eat and drink?

Now I live in Ferndale, so you'd probably be best coming straight to my house but we'll not hang around here;
We'll go slow along the walk and I'll take you through the beautiful wild overgrown places I know.

Bring your camera if you like because the scenery's gorgeous.

The trip should take around an hour or so, but won't be tiring; 
and is about 2 minutes walk or 50 metres from my house.

Email me at bellesub@hotmail.com for my address and mobile number,
hopefully we can get at least Stefan and Kate (and Jaimee??? pls?)
Snowcowgirl (what's your name? lol)
Made_In_Hades and her little bubba
and any or ALL of those who came to the picnic!

2:00 (or is 3 better for anyone? otherwise 2 it is)pm
Sunday 18th June.

Tuesday, June 13th, 2006
10:26 pm
Hello, everyone! I want to apologise for not showing up to dinner on Saturday night after I couldn't make the picnic. I had a horrible day at work and caught the bus home without even realising it, and then when I got a reminder SMS, I figured, oh fuckit I'm not in the mood to socialise. Truth is, I'd already had dinner with the father of unborn bubby the night before at the exact same restaurant and burst into tears there before storming out (and giving money to the man to pay for it, of which he contributed nothing to! Grrr!). A second appearance in two nights would have been faaaarrrr too weird for me, lol.

Judging by the photos it looked like you all had such fun and I'm really jealous xP I'm definately going to try to go to the next catch up between you all. I work a lot less these days, too, so yeeaaahh!
Sunday, June 11th, 2006
8:55 pm
The place that was the picnic on Saturday afternoon

The picnic was about where the red-circle is:

Friday, June 9th, 2006
4:58 pm
Name: Melissa.
Age: 24 ... I think... yeah... turning 25 later in the year.
Child: Elizabeth, aged four.
Available: Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays (but subject to change).

Feel free to contact me if you need a chat... :)

Sorry for the minimalist posting but the brain ain't happy. it keeps pumping this nasty thud tune in my head...
Thursday, June 8th, 2006
6:20 pm
Introduction et al ad nauseum

Amusingly snagging the original postal in pogsparents

Hi, I'm 'Padraig' my kids are 'insane'.

Well, I have one child, Rowan Dane, he is just shy of his 8th birthday.

About me,

I am 29, turning 30 this year *frowns*, my prefered occupation is musician / writer / researcher but alas the bills are paid by more mundane things such as being a Systems Developer. I write computer code all day. Fun and much excitement.

I live in a house, it has a roof. I share it with my loving partner Emma, three cats, many spiders and moths.

Rowan is a quite well adjusted child considering the influence I have and and somewhat complex relationship he leads with his mother and other siblings (which were my step children at one point in time). He likes zombie movies, is well into Pokemon at the moment, and is in the midst of designing his own book / computer game about the wee little creatures.

But yes, I'd like to welcome and say hallo to snowcowgirl and made_in_hades. And whilst I try to work out who made_in_hades, is cause she made a comment on one of my entries on my LJ. Bah, I am horrid at remembering names, faces and people *frowns*

5:00 pm
Introductory Post (I must be feeling chatty!)
Hi. Er. My name is Calli, or Sarah. I have 10 month old Vinnie, happily married and living in the burbs. No white picket fence, but a humungous wattle tree keeps the burbs at bay. :-)

Introduction! Chat chat chat!Collapse )

Current Mood: good
1:26 pm

Introduction Post:

I'm Belle. I made this little place in cyberspace as a spinoff from another one someone else had (who wouldn't let me post if she was mad at me!)
I'm 25
I'm a receptionist Monday and Emergency Relief Interviewer Tuesday and I volunteer my time for this. After that I'm trying to get office work on Fridays and of course I'm a mum all the rest of the time aswell.
My kids are Zander, he's 3 and a half; and Lachlain, who is 16 months old. Zander's a drama queen Leo, very attention seeking, and Lachlain is a big machine baby, who bites and headbutts his brother! Two toddlers are great if you want to liven up the place or decorate with unique ideas (like vegemite and toilet paper).

I'm available Monday afternoons, Wednesday (after RPM at the gym), Thursday afternoons and Friday afternoons at the moment; and all weekend.

Your turn!

1:17 pm

I do like this rich text...

if you could all make a little introductory post for SNOWCOWGIRL 
and MADEINHADES is new too;

because I think we should welcome them here,
and nothing welcomes more than a little
"Hi, I'm 'blahblah' my kids are 'blahblah'"

you know what i mean!

But an outline anyway:
* Name
* Age
* Occupation (say mum if pregnant/mother not in workforce)
when you're available to catch up!!!!!!!!!
and whatever you want to share about your * Kids
(try their names, ages)

For those coming to the picnic - GREAT!
For those who are working, we will get something to eat after so
leave your mobile numbers in comments - screened of course
and we'll catch up no matter what,
Saturday night,

Make a new post for your introduction/re-introduction please :)

Monday, June 5th, 2006
1:57 pm

meeting for all:

Saturday afternoon picnic
ferry terminal South Perth

bring your kids and some snaks!

i really do want you all there, 

so we can all meet each other.

goth ball, gay frisbees, all other fun things accepted

We will have dinner at the indian restaraunt if you stick around, gold coin donation

P.S. need numbers, let me know if you're coming, bring a friend/borrow more kids.

RAIN = cancelled.

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