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Introduction et al ad nauseum

Amusingly snagging the original postal in pogsparents

Hi, I'm 'Padraig' my kids are 'insane'.

Well, I have one child, Rowan Dane, he is just shy of his 8th birthday.

About me,

I am 29, turning 30 this year *frowns*, my prefered occupation is musician / writer / researcher but alas the bills are paid by more mundane things such as being a Systems Developer. I write computer code all day. Fun and much excitement.

I live in a house, it has a roof. I share it with my loving partner Emma, three cats, many spiders and moths.

Rowan is a quite well adjusted child considering the influence I have and and somewhat complex relationship he leads with his mother and other siblings (which were my step children at one point in time). He likes zombie movies, is well into Pokemon at the moment, and is in the midst of designing his own book / computer game about the wee little creatures.

But yes, I'd like to welcome and say hallo to snowcowgirl and made_in_hades. And whilst I try to work out who made_in_hades, is cause she made a comment on one of my entries on my LJ. Bah, I am horrid at remembering names, faces and people *frowns*

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